Heckel has launched a new range of safety footwear

The Macsole® Sport 2.0 range is designed for professionals working in transport (couriers, drivers), logistics (forklift truck drivers, warehouses, messaging platforms) and light industry, looking for a light, anti-magnetic product with a sporty twist.

The rounded heel design on the Macsole® Sport 2.0 sole has been developed to handle the specific constraints of drivers and forklift truck operators. Its rounded shape makes driving easier along with the abrasion and heat-resistant performance (HRO/300°C standard) of Macsole® rubber, increase product life. For people who are constantly on the move (up to 7 km a day on some logistics platforms) or stepping down from a vehicle, the Macsole® Sport 2.0 sole comes with a shock-absorbent EVA comfort layer which improves wearer comfort and minimizes musculoskeletal ailments. The Macsole® Sport 2.0 range is also ideal for employees that carry out night shifts. To further enhance their safety, high visibility reflective inserts on the front of the sole and the sides and back of the uppers, makes them more noticeable to others.

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