Safety footwear for logistics professionals

Every day, logistics professionals navigate bustling warehouses, crowded loading zones, and corridors frequented by forklifts. In this constant hustle, risks abound: whether that’s sharp objects littering the floor, potential package falls, or being crushed by handling equipment. Faced with these dangers, safety footwear is more than just an accessory; it stands as a barrier, offering robust protection against injuries and accidents.

Order pickers or handlers are often required to move a lot and constantly change positions. Their safety footwear not only protects their feet but also needs to meet comfort requirements to become true allies in ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind in the workplace.

What features should you look for in safety footwear for the logistics sector?

Toe protection and puncture resistance

Safety footwear should feature steel or composite protective toe caps to shield against impacts and crushing, as well as puncture-resistant soles to protect against sharp objects that may be present on warehouse floors and could pierce the sole and injure the foot.

Comfortable safety footwear

For individuals who move a lot (up to 7km/day in some logistics platforms) and constantly change positions, such as those in picking and packing professions, safety sneakers are often recommended for their lightness and flexibility. It is therefore a good idea to prioritise models with non-metallic toe caps and puncture-resistant soles.

Effective shock absorption is also essential to protect workers from pressure on the foot during unloading of goods or handling of heavy racks. Dual-density polyurethane outsoles offer excellent shock absorption for optimal comfort, even during long workdays. For efficient and durable cushioning, MACSOLE® SPORT models feature a Phylon midsole.

Breathable safety footwear

Even at rest, we sweat from our feet, about 20 ml over 8 hours. So, imagine professionals who walk several kilometres a day! The breathability of safety footwear is therefore a crucial comfort factor.

To keep feet dry, opt for materials capable of absorbing sweat and facilitating its evaporation.

Which standards to prioritise when you're a logistician or handler?

S1P or S3?

If you're solely in a dry environment, then S1 PL safety footwear will be most suitable. If you're required to move between indoors and outdoors, such as forklift drivers, for example, prioritise an S3L model also suitable for wet environments.

Slip-resistant SR or SRC outsole

Outsoles must provide maximum grip on a variety of surfaces, including wet or oily floors, to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

Safety footwear with slip-resistant soles (marked SRC or SR) should be preferred.

MACSOLE® SPORT, the ideal safety footwear for logistics professionals

MACSOLE® SPORT safety footwear has been developed to meet the specific constraints of logistics professionals (forklift drivers, warehouse workers, courier platforms) and transportation (couriers, drivers).

Here are the main features of the range.

Certified safety standards

MACSOLE® SPORT models are certified according to the European standard EN 20345:2022 in S1 PL or S3 categories. They all come with a slip-resistant outsole, protective toe cap, and non-metallic puncture-resistant sole.

High-performance shock absorption

MACSOLE® SPORT models feature a Phylon midsole, a material used in the sports world known for its long-lasting shock absorption, thus contributing to improved wearer wellbeing.

Lightweight and flexible models

With 100% non-metallic protective elements, MACSOLE® safety sneakers offer great freedom of movement even in kneeling positions.

Specific heel zone

The rounded heel design of the MACSOLE® SPORT sole was developed to meet the specific constraints of drivers and forklift operators by facilitating driving.

Abrasion resistance

MACSOLE® rubber soles offer unparalleled abrasion resistance, thus extending the product's lifespan.

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Combining style and high-quality materials, we offer a wide range of safety shoes and sandals to meet the needs of various logistics professions.

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