Metal free model, very lightweight and flexible for trades men, warehousing and logistics, services, industry, hot environments, dry environments

Article ID: 62563
EN ISO 20345: 2011 S1P SRC 
Sizes: 38 – 47

Product features

  • PU2D sole, highly slip resistant, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, selfcleaning profile, shock absorber
  • Ultra breathable suede upper, perforations for perfect ventilation
  • Climate Airmesh lining, very resistant to abrasion, very good absorption of water vapour, quick-dry.
  • Metal-free toe cap
  • Puncture resistant metal-free midsole
  • Removable hygienic insole with abrasion-resistant textile top layer
  • Weight: 585 g in size 42

Product datasheet


Non-metal protective toecap

• Provides protection against falling objects up to 200 joules and compression of up to 15 000 Newton in accordance with EN 20345
• 100% antimagnetic
• Comfortable due to its ergonomic shape
• Extra wide
• 20% lighter than conventional steel toecap
• Conducts less heat and cold than a metal toecap

Non-metal penetration resistant sole

• Resists to perforation up to 1 100 Netwon in accordance with the EN 20345 standard
• 100% composite
• Flexible
• Antimagnetic
• Protects 100% of the surface of the foot (as opposed to 85% on average for steel soles)
• Lighter than steel soles
• Conducts less heat and cold than a metal sole

100% metal free

The entire safety shoe is free of any metal parts

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