Heckel safety shoes

To equip professionals with safety shoes, Heckel offers a wide range of different models. Whether in high-top or low-top styles, with a soccer or outdoor look, in boot, ranger, or safety sandal designs, there's something for every preference and application.

Features such as lightweight design, grip, and style are considered in the development of our safety shoes. The goal is to provide comfortable and enjoyable safety footwear without compromising people's safety. All the models featured in this section comply with the standards and requirements set in the field of foot protection in a professional environment.


Safety footwear for working in light industry, automobile industry and service industries: extremely lightweight and excellent breathability.


Safety footwear for working outdoors and in difficult conditions: completely metal-free in an authentic outdoor design.


Safety footwear with BOA® for quick, easy and customized fit


Safety footwear 100% waterproof (WR) for outdoor work in humid conditions, construction, transportation networks, energy, chemical, forestry


Low weight and very flexible footwear for crafts or trades men, warehousing and logistics, public service and light industry workers.


The new MACASPHALT is a heat-insulating S3 safety boot designed specifically for tarmac work.


Outdoor models for building and construction, general industry, energy, logistics, maintenance, utilities, damp working conditions.


Safety footwear for trade, industry, logistics, service sector and municipal services; very comfortable, with excellent technical features and sporty designs.


Safety footwear 100% waterproof (WR) for outdoor work in humid conditions, construction, transportation networks, energy, chemical, forestry.


Versatile, sturdy and economical safety footwear for light industry to construction.


Highly competitive safety footwear with all-terrain sole profile, outstanding grip and resistance to heat and abrasion.


Safety footwear for the heavy construction industry and in quarries: high coverage sole provides full protection for users.


Safety footwear for a wide variety of application areas: exceptionally comfortable to wear because of revolutionary sole technology.

Choosing safety shoes, Buying Guide

There are numerous different models of safety shoes, and it can be challenging to navigate through them all. Here are some tips on how to select the right pair of shoes that will ensure your safety or that of your colleagues.

Factors to consider

Industry Sector

The need for safety equipment varies depending on the industry sector. Employees in logistics won't have the same requirements as those in construction. For workers who spend their days walking, a pair of lightweight safety shoes with excellent cushioning is the most suitable choice. In the construction sector, shoes with a highly protective sole for stability and puncture resistance are necessary.

Working Conditions

Doing good work while staying safe inevitably involves choosing the right shoes. Performance can vary depending on the environment: outdoor or indoor work, frequent daily movement, handling hazardous materials, dealing with heavy loads, etc.

Level of Protection

If the activity is not high-risk, comfortable safety sneakers may suffice. If the job is more dangerous, then one should opt for sturdier and abrasion-resistant protective shoes.


There are standards to adhere to when selecting safety shoes. These may include:

  • Protection against risks such as impacts and crushing (ISO 20345:2022 standard)
  • Heat resistance by contact (additional HRO requirement in EN ISO 20345 standard)
  • Insulation against heat (additional HI requirement in EN ISO 20345 standard)
  • Insulation against cold (additional CI requirement in EN ISO 20345 standard)
  • Metatarsal protection (additional M requirement in EN ISO 20345 standard)

This list is not exhaustive. It's important to note that the Heckel brand surpasses the minimum safety standards and designs products that go beyond them.

Shoes by industry sector

Industry, Construction, Building, and Construction

Certain professions require very specific equipment, as is the case with asphalt work. The MACASPHALT asphalt protection shoes were created for this type of application. For heavy construction or quarry work, the XXL PRO range is recommended.

Construction Site, Building, Outdoor Work

Safety shoes for construction sites or outdoor work must be slip-resistant, waterproof, and generally versatile. The MASCOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 and MACSOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 BOA ranges may be suitable. For those in search of construction site shoes, the SUXXED OFFROAD range is also perfect for the building sector.

Extreme Conditions Work

Working outdoors, in mud, in cold weather... If workers spend their days in challenging environments, they need highly durable safety shoes. The MACSOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 GTX shoes and boots are ideal because they resist:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Wet conditions
  • Demanding terrains
  • Extreme cold (-30°C) in the case of the MX 100 GT 2 model

Logistics, Public Services, and Light Industry

For workers looking for flexible, lightweight, and sporty designed safety shoes, the RUN-R safety sneaker range is ideal. Versatile and comfortable to wear, also explore the comfortable shoe collections MACSOLE® SPORT and SUXXED, designed for logistics and light industry professions.

Learn more about models based on your profession:

Diverse Activities, Versatile Use

If safety equipment is used in various work environments, we recommend the following ranges:

  • MACSOLE® PLUS 2.0: a multi-purpose shoe with competitive pricing
  • FOCUS 2.0: versatile safety shoes and sandals

Why choose Heckel safety shoes?

The Fusion of protection and design

Heckel's slogan is "Performance with style." We believe (and prove) that it's possible to wear both aesthetically pleasing and safe shoes. Since these qualities are often seen as opposites, Heckel has taken the approach of changing the norm by offering models inspired by classic shoe designs:

  • The MACSOLE® SPORT safety sneaker range draws inspiration from the sports world.
  • MACSOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 shoes are designed for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The RUN-R collection of sneakers is reminiscent of the running shoe universe.

Comfort as a priority

It's not uncommon to hear workers complain about discomfort in safety shoes. This can be due to various reasons, including size, shoe shape, and sole. In general, this problem can be greatly reduced by opting for a range of comfortable safety shoes designed for sensitive feet. When users walk all day or stand for extended periods, cushioning plays a crucial role in comfort. Here are two Heckel technologies that ensure the utmost comfort in our products:

  • MACABSORB Technology: Comfortable and anti-fatigue shoes that guarantee 85% greater energy absorption than the standard requirements.
  • MACFOAM Technology: A lightweight and flexible midsole dedicated to cushioning, providing shock absorption throughout the shoe's lifespan.

Gore-Tex Technology

Heckel is an expert in Gore-Tex technology. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures complete waterproofing while allowing the feet to breathe. For cold environments, Gore-Tex insulation is 15% lighter than traditional insulation while remaining flexible and comfortable.

BOA® Fit System Technology

More than just an alternative to laces, this system allows for easy and quick donning and removal of shoes, even while wearing protective gloves.

A wide range of products

Heckel shoe models adapt to all uses and industry sectors, ranging from heavy construction to logistics and industry. Whether high-top or low-top safety shoes, our products are comfortable and tailored to the specific needs of each profession. Here's an overview of the different equipment we offer:

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