The uvex commitment to sustainability is a promise to people and the planet.

Protecting people is the core focus of each brand within the uvex group. As a member since 2001, Heckel aligns itself with this philosophy. When we talk about “protection”, we don’t just mean a person’s physical safety. We also consider the entire environment in which they operate, be that on a social, ecological or economical scale. Through our “protecting planet” commitment, we are making a promise to protect society and the environment. This means that we monitor, evaluate and optimise all the steps in the value creation chain in a comprehensive manner to produce the most durable and sustainable personal protective equipment that we can.

The recycled and bio-based safety shoe


52% recycled polyester
18% bamboo fibres


90% recycled PU foam


100% recycled


100% recycled polyester from PET bottles

Puncture-resistant sole

100% recycled fibres


by using bio-based materials

We believe that bio-based materials—materials from natural and renewable sources—are the future. Consequently, 18% of the lining in our RUN-R PLANET safety shoes is made using natural bamboo fibres. Bamboo’s rapid growth, together with its ability to grow back without the need for fertiliser or pesticides and its ability to adapt easily to different environments, make it a particularly sustainable plant that is increasingly found in a wide range of products.

by using recycled materials

RUN-R PLANET safety shoes are made from 25% recycled materials in accordance with the EN ISO 14021 standard.

by using no harmful substances

RUN-R PLANET safety shoes are produced without harmful substances. We eliminate 167 harmful substances from our production operations, well beyond the 73 substances specified by REACH requirements.

by using environementally-friendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is an integral part of our sustainable-development strategy. Our shoeboxes are made of 90% recycled cardboard. The tissue paper that the safety shoes are wrapped in is 100% recycled too, and the user manual is made from 100% recycled paper.


  • Extremely lightweight, versatile sporty S1P safety shoes 
  • Highly flexible PU2D sole offering an outstanding shock absorption and excellent levels of grip (SRC)
  • 100% metal free
  • Safety shoes meet ESD specifications with leakage resistance under 35 megaohms;
  • 500 g per foot, in size 42


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