The safety shoes specialist, HECKEL celebrates its 50 years!

HECKEL, a pioneer in safety footwear since 1970, is recognised for the performance, quality and style of its products. Located in La Walck, Alsace, France, the brand celebrates its 50th anniversary, owing much of its success to the support of its 43 employees. HECKEL sells 61 different models of safety footwear for a wide range of industrial uses across France, and 50% of its products are exported to more than 30 countries including those situated in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. In Russia, where HECKEL has a dedicated team with 2 sale people, the brand has retained its leadership position in the premium safety market since 1996. Coming back on a great success story.

Performance with style, a daily philosophy

The family company HECKEL started its life in sport, when the founder and former footballer Joseph Heckel created the first soft-toed football boot with screwed studs: the “2H”. In 1970, he decided to diversify and began to manufacture safety shoes, later founding the company HECKEL SECURITE. The German family owned uvex group, a specialist in PPE with manufacturing sites across Europe, acquired the company in 2001. Recognised worldwide for its innovative and high-quality products, the uvex brand partnership ensured continued growth and new impulse for the company. HECKEL remains to this day the second safety footwear brand in the uvex group.

HECKEL sells a wide range of safety shoes, 61 models, ranging from lightweight and comfortable sportswear styles to models adapted to extreme environments such as the MX 100 GT. In France, HECKEL products are sold to PPE distributor specialists or conventional distributors thanks to its 10 strong sales team. For export, HECKEL products are sold through a network of local distributors’ or through uvex subsidiaries as in the case of the UK, Scandinavia, Poland or in the Middle East countries. 50% of the HECKEL safety shoes are sold in export markets.

Through the tagline « Performance with style », HECKEL’s ambition is to guarantee the performance of its products and the safety of those wearing them. This intent is the result of the combination of the most innovative technologies and a dedication design in order to « look good and feel safe”.

MACSOLE®: innovative technology making the difference

HECKEL’s commitment is to be ever more innovative, developing and manufacturing the best products possible. Each model is subject to control procedures throughout the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the highest quality and ensure a reliable product.

Thanks to its many years of experience and its 2001 launch, HECKEL has developed its own rubber sole technology brand MACSOLE®: a multi-purpose, anti-slip, shock absorbing and comfort SOLE. Produced with an exclusive mix of nitrile rubber, the MACSOLE® offers unmatched performance in terms of adherence and durability even in extreme conditions.

Rewarded with the Innovation Prize of the AFTIC (French organisation of Footwear Industry Technicians) in 2003, this technology allows HECKEL to establish itself as genuine rubber sole specialist and as a reference in safety shoes for extreme conditions. Today, 6 range of products are available with this technology for a wide variety of uses.

GORE-TEX et BOA®: renown partners

HECKEL is part of the select circle of safety shoe manufacturers associated with two major names in the security and sports industry: GORE-TEX and BOA®.

The MACSOLE® X range is the result of a nearly 10 years partnership between HECKEL and GORE-TEX, well-known for its 100% waterproof and breathable products in sports, leisure and security. In this range, 5 products feature GORE-TEX technology.

Initially developed at the end of the 90’s for the sports sector, the BOA technology offers a quick, easy and precise adjustment and is known worldwide for its performance. HECKEL has fitted its latest model the RUN-R 120 LOW BOA with this technology to enable professionals to fully focus on their work and in comfort. New models are currently being developed with this technology.

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