MACASPHALT : the ultimate shoe for working with tarmac

Professionals are exposed to extreme conditions when working on tarmacked surfaces.

Featuring a MACSOLE® rubber sole, the new MACASPHALT safety boots offer reliable and durable protection. This model also includes a wide range of features which guarantee wearer comfort throughout the working day.

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Shock absorbing and comfortable

Polyurethane in midsole core for optimal shock absorption and comfort for the entire sole

Grippy and slip-resistant

Certified slip resistance and sufficient grip on machinery and demanding surfaces

Flexible and sensitive

Hard-wearing yet flexible rubber sole that ensures the necessary sensitivity for operating machines

The MACSOLE® rubber sole that leaves no tread marks

A true specialist in rubber soles, Heckel has been making its own advances in footwear technology for more than twenty years. Heckel’s products offer unparalleled slip resistance, resistance to extreme temperatures and durability.

Specifically designed for working with tarmac, the new MACSOLE® ASPHALT rubber sole has a smooth flat tread pattern to avoid marking the tarmac, all while providing excellent slip resistance. This also makes it suitable for a wide variety of other applications, including working with machinery.


Thermal insulation & comfort

The shoe’s multi-layer design has been specifically developed for use when working on extremely hot surfaces, providing thermal insulation and comfort for the wearer.

  1. hygienic insole layer with superior abrasion resistance | high moisture-absorption capacity | aluminised for improved thermal insulation
  2. durable non-woven insulating insole layer
  3. steel penetration-resistant insert provides penetration resistance
  4. insulating insert provides protection against heat over the entire surface of the foot
  5. PU layer for improved shock and vibration absorption over the entire surface of the foot | anti-fatigue effect
  6. MACSOLE® outsole with integrated heel support | resistant to contact heat up to 300°C (HRO)

Thermal insulation 150°C - 30 minutes exposure

The norm states, the temperature inside the footwear must not increase in excess of 22°C for the duration of the 30 min test. The MACASPHALT internal temperature only sees a rise of 11°C, ensuring it is well within the EN 20345 HI certification.

Thermal insulation 250°C - 40 minutes exposure

The internal temperature of the footwear must not increase in excess of 42°C. The MACASPHALT boot only sees a rise of 26°C (additional test in accordance with EN 20349 HI-3)

Features at a glance

heat-resistant MACSOLE® ASPHALT rubber sole with flat tread to avoid tread marks | excellent anti-slip properties on slippery and sloping roadsides

water-resistant full grain leather upper (S3) | reduced number of stitches to minimise pressure points | padded ankle collar for greater comfort and protection

reflective side strips provide optimal visibility and safety, especially in poorly lit working environments

anti-static, comfortable insole with moisture transport system and additional shock absorption around the heel and forefoot with heat-insulating film in the forefoot

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