The MACSOLE® sport range takes inspiration from the world of sport in terms of its design and the performance and will escort you through your day with ease and safety.

This range is designed for crafts or tradesmen; warehousing and logistics and light industry workers.

The combination of MACSOLE® and MACFOAM technologies for optimal performance

The new models in the MACSOLE® SPORT range combine for the first time the experience durability and excellent level of grip of rubber outsole with the new MACFOAM midsole technology: an extra layer of cushioning along the entire surface of the shoe and 100% dedicated to comfort.

Superior performance accross all disciplines.


Innovative MACFOAM midsole technology guarantees lightness, flexibility and high shock absorption performance for the lifetime of the shoe.


Experience durability and excellent level of grip, the MACSOLE® rubber soles are extremely versatile.

MACFOAM, new midsole technology dedicated to comfort

Inspired by materials used in the world of sport, we’ve developed the innovative MACFOAM midsole technology using Phylon, a compressed EVA.

Moulded at a specific temperature then expanded, this EVA has a unique structure made up of air and solid material, making it ultra-light with high shock absorption properties and exceptional flexibility.

The result: more energy, noticeably greater comfort and significantly lower fatigue in the feet.

Shock absorption

MACFOAM is an extra layer of cushioning along the entire surface of the shoe


The unique manufacturing process makes Phylon lighter than other components


One of the key characteristics of Phylon is its excellent flexibility, allowing it to support the natural movements of the foot


The MACFOAM comfort layer retains its excellent cushioning properties throughout the shoe’s lifespan

Ready to perform ? What the MACSOLE® SPORT is all about

sporty design : the MACSOLE® SPORT is both youthful and stylish for higher wearer acceptance

MACSOLE® rubber outsole resists to contact heat up to 300°C and allows footwear to meet the HRO standard.

non metallic protective toe cap 20% lighter than a conventional steel toe cap

non metallic penetration-resistant midsole offering unlimited freedom of movement, especially when kneeling

TPU heel support for a greater stability and better protection

ultra-thin superlight tongue & 3D mesh polyester lining for excellent breathability and climate management

reinforced TPU scuff cap (S1P) | rubber-coated toe (S3) extends product life | designed for people who have to kneel or crouch throughout the day

excellent levels of grip of MACSOLE® rubber sole (SRC)

The MACSOLE® SPORT product range

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