Transform your safety footwear into connected PPE

XSole insoles, developed by TRAXxs, transform Heckel safety shoes into connected Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure active safety for workers. The electronic system is integrated into the smart insole, replacing the comfort insole of safety shoes. It offers effective and straightforward protection to reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents.

Impressed by this innovative solution, we have chosen to certify multiple Heckel models with XSole insoles.

How do XSole insoles work?

Designed to ensure professionals' safety, the smart insole replaces PTI/DATI accessories to transmit alert information and locate workers in case of danger.

Integrated sensors in XSole insoles activate when the user starts moving and automatically go into standby mode. XSole smart insoles manage the following alerts:

  • Worker-Initiated Alerts: In the event of a fall, loss of verticality, or voluntary SOS, the isolated worker's insole sends an alert to the supervisor.
  • Supervisor-Initiated Alerts: In case of industrial risks, the supervisor can send an evacuation alert to all equipped colleagues.

In case of trouble, XSole smart insoles combine GPS, GSM, Bluetooth information and trigger alerts with the precise location of the equipped worker(s). The signal is processed automatically by secure TRAXxs servers and sent to the supervisor as notifications on their web/mobile application, SMS, email, or voice call.

Loss of verticality

Thanks to integrated sensors, the insole can identify a worker's loss of verticality, such as due to a fall or fainting. When the insole detects an unconventional position, it triggers a pre-alert to the wearer in the form of intermittent vibrations.

If there is no response from the worker, the insole sends a signal, prompting emergency intervention with the precise geolocation of the endangered worker.

Voluntary SOS

In case of risk, violence, or aggression, equipped workers can tap their right foot against their left foot three times. This information is sent to their supervisor, again with the precise geolocation of the endangered worker.

Evacuation alert

In the event of an industrial risk, the supervisor can initiate an evacuation order for all equipped workers by clicking the evacuation button on their web/mobile application. All equipped workers will feel continuous vibrations in their insoles, and the supervisor will have a real-time view of the site's evacuation on their screen.

Who are XSole smart insoles designed for?

Isolated workers

An isolated worker is defined as a professional who performs a task alone in an environment where they cannot be seen or heard by others. Isolated workers are exposed to specific risks due to their isolation. In case of an accident in such a context, they might not receive immediate help, potentially worsening the situation.

Isolated workers can be found in various professions, including production agents, maintenance personnel, industrial technicians, and logistics planners, as well as different positions in energy, chemistry, or construction.

Workers exposed to aggression

Professionals exposed to risks of violence/aggression, such as law enforcement officers, security personnel, night guards, delivery personnel, and cash transporters. The risk is even greater if they are isolated without direct supervision and regular communication with colleagues.

Teams working in sensitive sites

Teams operating in risky environments, such as Seveso sites or ATEX zones (ATmosphère EXplosive).

Advantages of XSole insoles compared to other PTI/DATI solutions

Operate without a smartphone or accessory

Smart insoles are autonomous; they function without a smartphone or any other accessory.

The insole is never forgotten; it is always worn

XSole insoles are the only lone worker alarm device that cannot be forgotten because they are completely integrated into safety footwear, an item that professionals wear daily at work.

Easy to use: contactless charging

The battery charges without contact: a simple and practical system to use. Just slide an induction charger into the safety shoe.

Heckel safety footwear certified with XSole smart insoles

To ensure professionals' protection and comfort, XSole smart insoles should only be used with safety footwear models certified with these insoles.

For this reason, Heckel has certified 16 safety footwear models with XSole insoles. Heckel offers a wide range of low or high safety shoes, in protection classes S1 PL or S3L, catering to the protection needs of isolated workers or teams operating in sensitive sites.

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