D3O® Metatarsal protection

A safety shoe with metatarsal protection is key for any trade where there is a risk of heavy objects falling. Traditional solutions offering metatarsal protection have a metal plate to protect the metatarsal area, which limits flexibility and makes the safety shoes heavy. Find out how to protect your metatarsals while ensuring wearer comfort.

When to use metatarsal protection

In a traditional safety shoe, the toes are protected by a 200-J toe cap. However, the metatarsals—the long bones connecting the back of the foot (the tarsus) and the toes (the phalanges)—are left unprotected. For trades where there is a risk of heavy objects falling, it's not only your toes that are exposed to potential impact, the top of your feet are too. It is therefore recommended that workers wear safety shoes that incorporate metatarsal protection.

In EN ISO 20345, the additional requirement M states that a safety shoe must feature metatarsal protection that is resistant to 100 joules of impact, equivalent to a weight of 20 kg falling from a height of 50 cm.

D3O® technology

Used worldwide by the military, professional athletes and industrial workers, patented D3O® technology makes it possible to manufacture soft, flexible materials with high shock absorption properties.

How does D3O® technology work?

D3O® is a flexible, cellular material made of "floating" molecules. In its raw state, the material is very flexible. However, upon impact, these molecules have the capacity to bind together and instantly (in less than 10 milliseconds) transform into a solid to absorb and dissipates the generated energy. This reaction is not only immediate but also proportional to the force of impact. The greater the impact, the more the molecules will react, providing the best possible protection. After the impact, the molecules will return to their free-flowing state.

Soft and flexible material

Absorbs and dissipates impact energy

Returns to flexible state

The benefits of D3O® technology: Impact protection and comfort

  • Excellent shock absorption properties
  • Lightweight: The protective component is thin and lightweight, which does not add much to the overall weight of the safety shoe
  • Soft, flexible and ergonomically shaped material: The protective component moulds to the shape of the foot, giving the wearer great freedom of movement
  • Protection fully integrated into the tongue

Heckel safety shoes with metatarsal protection

The MACSOLE® ADVENTURE 3.0 range is specially designed for outdoor work and for anyone looking for an authentic outdoor design. Featuring D3O® technology, the MACCROSSROAD 3.0 S3 HIGH META safety shoes ensure optimal protection against falling objects, particularly for those working in the construction and public works sectors or in heavy industry. With a total weight of 740 g, no compromises have been made when it comes to comfort.

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