Heckel debuts new GORE-TEX thermal insulation technology for the safety shoe market

A safety shoe specialist since 1970, Heckel is launching its new MACSOLE® X range, composed of 6 models: 5 GORE-TEX models, including one equipped with new thermal insulation technology, and a high S3 MX500 zip fastening model. Specially designed for outdoor work in difficult or extreme conditions, the MACSOLE® X range stands out for its innovative technical performance.

A high-performance range

The MACSOLE® X range is the result of almost 10 years of partnership between Heckel, a specialist in safety shoes since 1970, and GORE-TEX, famous for 100% waterproof and breathable products in the sports, leisure, and safety sectors.

5 products in the range are equipped with GORE-TEX technology. GORE-TEX technology is composed of a membrane with microscopic pores 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but 700 times larger than a water molecule. It is this unique combination that ensures durable waterproofness and breathability. GORE-TEX technology goes beyond just a membrane: a shoe can only be waterproof and breathable when all the materials meet certain requirements. GORE-TEX shoes in the MACSOLE® X range are therefore subject to the strictest GORE quality tests in the market, from the production of the prototype through to the finished product.

The MACSOLE® X shoe range is characterised by its PU/rubber sole that provides perfect resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, chemical products and contact with heat up to 300°C. The grooves to the rear of the sole give optimal grip as soon as the heel contacts the ground. Flexible and comfortable, the sole ensures excellent shock absorption.

In addition, the protective toe caps on shoes in the MACSOLE® X range protect the user from falling objects with up to 200J force and compression forces of up to 15,000 N. Completely amagnetic, they are much lighter than standard toe caps and adapt to all morphologies whilst conducting less heat and cold. Shoes in the MACSOLE® X range are also equipped with non-metallic puncture resistant midsole that provide the wearer with flexibility whilst protecting the entire surface of the foot.

For added comfort, shoes in the range are also equipped with an insole for moisture wicking and rapid drying.Their sporty design and classic camouflage motif (the HECKEL logo is randomly displayed on each pair) make each model unique.

MX 100 GT: the flagship model of the MACSOLE® X range

This product is the first safety shoe to be equipped with the latest GORE-TEX innovation in thermal insulation. Unlike classic insulators, the insulator developed by GORE-TEX is composed of fewer, hollow fibres that make the material lighter. Its 3D structure stores air for greater insulation. The spiral design ensures greater flexibility and therefore comfort. The wearer also benefits from better thermal insulation with 15% less weight.

This new insulator also combines perfectly with the breathable, waterproof membrane. This combination ensures the insulator remains dry and fully functional.

Having proved its worth in the coldest regions of the world, GORE-TEX technology provides optimal protection against the cold. Multiple wear and laboratory tests have confirmed that the MX 100 GT can be used in temperatures as low as -30°C. Certified S3 CI HI WR HRO SRC in accordance with the EN 20345 standard, this model is specially adapted for outdoor work in very cold conditions such as in the mountains or in refrigerated rooms.

About Heckel

A family company located in La Walck, Alsace, HECKEL took a decisive turn in 1948 when Joseph Heckel, a former footballer, created the first soft-toed football boot, which included the first use of screwed studs: the "2H".

In 1970, HECKEL became a specialist in safety shoes. A leading French company, HECKEL is a pioneer in the PPE sector, and over 50 years has grown to dominate the safety shoe market.

In 2001, the German group uvex, a world leader in PPE, acquired HECKEL SECURITE. Innovative and recognised for its quality products, through this partnership uvex ensured continued growth and new momentum for the company.

Today HECKEL operates around three core values: performance, quality, and style.

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